Sunday, March 27, 2011

Respect, an important value - Dan McCarthy

Because I like discussions about "respect" and "values," I very much appreciated Dan McCarthy's article tying the two together, in The Meaning of Respect. His bottom line on "values" is:

"Values are nothing but words on a plaque unless a team and every leader is clear on what they really mean and demonstrates them in their day-to-day behavior."

McCarthy starts out his article with a not-to-be-missed summary of the importance of "values" in a corporate environment. Then he shares some thoughts on "respect" as a value and provides situational examples. His bottom line on respect is, "you treat everyone with the same degree of respect, regardless of rank, title, status, or tenure."

See McCarthy's post at The Meaning of Respect. For my previous comment on respect as one of Bob Sutton's "17 Things I Believe," see The best test of a person's character is . . .

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