Consulting & Training
Leadership and personal competencies are the ultimate key to a successful in-house legal career and maximum contribution to your corporate employer. 
Perry Cone provides LeadingInHouse® consulting and training for corporate law departments, legal managers, and other in-house counsel.
LeadingInHouse® services include:
  • Personal coaching/mentoring - assisting those who are new to their roles in building relationships, restoring confidence, dispute resolution, and taming difficult projects and clients
  • Leadership competencies - guidance and training for the strengthening of critical personal competencies and toning down over-strengths
  • Performance management - advice on improving the performance of direct reports
  • Team building - guidance and training for developing teams
LeadingInHouse® - The Workshop (Level 1) is designed for the entire corporate law department, both supervisory and non-supervising counsel and staff. 
The Workshop explores the principles of LeadingInHouse® and facilitates a discussion around aspects of the in-house practice that impact performance.

During his 14 years as a general counsel, Perry Cone coached and mentored in-house counsel, executives and other business leaders.  He has the distinction of being the first inside GC/SVP at Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, a multi-billion dollar government not-for-profit corporation; he was GC/SVP at Travelers of Florida, a subsidiary of global enterprises Citigroup and St. Paul Travelers; and he was GC/VP at entrepreneurial AIB Financial Group.  For more information, see Perry's profile.

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     Perry Ian Cone, Esq.

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Legal Notice and Disclaimer
Perry Cone is licensed to practice law in the State of Florida.