Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Treat everyone with the respect

Too often we hear that in-house counsel (especially those new to the job) can be "condescending."  It is as true for in-house counsel as it is for any leadership position, that we should treat everyone with the same respect.  That is part of the message of Jodi Glickman, who writes:  "You should assume that everyone is your client and apply the same degree of professionalism to every conversation, no matter the audience."   Read Jodi's Harvard Business Review blog post at: Your Boss is Your Client (& Your Colleagues Are Too).

Perry Cone practices insurance, compliance and government law, and consults for in-house counsel, from the Tallahassee office of GrayRobinson. He writes from his perspective as a former general counsel, legal executive, and leader in the Florida insurance industry. Visit Perry's blog at www.leadinginhouse.com/

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