Monday, September 5, 2011

10 Principles for In-House Counsel to Live by in Fiercely Complex Times

Surely, these are complex times for in-house counsel.  And if they are “fiercely complex” for you, then well worth the quick read is Ten Principles to Live by in Fiercely Complex Times.
Consultant-author Tony Schwartz lists 10 “enduring principles” he relies on “to make choices that reflect openness, integrity and authenticity.”  Here are three principles I wanted to highlight:
  • No. 1. “Always challenge certainty, especially your own.” 
  • No. 2. “Excellence is an unrelenting struggle, but it's also the surest route to enduring satisfaction.” 
  • No. 10. “When in doubt, take responsibility.”
In-house counsel should not overlook No. 10.  In my experience, it's easy to avoid taking ownership when things go wrong -- e.g., when your clients give you incorrect information on which you rely, when others fail to meet their deadlines, or when you actually do fail in some respect -- especially in "fiercely complex times."  But taking responsibility (ownership) is what leadership is about and one of the ways to be

For the full list and Tony's spin on each principle, read the post Ten Principles to Live by in Fiercely Complex Times.

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