Thursday, June 30, 2011

Performance review? Don't miss an opportunity for a good conversation

It is mid-year, the 4th of July weekend, and a good time for a reminder that you should be having conversations about job performance more often than once a year, at the often-annoying end-of-the-year review.  If you do not participate in mid-year performance conversations, you are missing a golden opportunity to be

Action Plan: Try the conversational approach.  Make a list of simple questions that you can ask of your direct reports (or that you can ask of your boss), such as:
  • How do you think you are (I am) doing in your (my) job?
  • What one thing do you think you (I) could do better?
  • What help can I as your boss (you as my boss) provide to help you (me) get better?
  • What do you like most (like least) about working here?

For some additional thoughts on performance reviews, see:
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