Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting Past "We Already Tried That"

Funny how non-legal business units confront the same issues as legal teams when managing through a difficult change.  For corporate law departments, recent challenges include cutting costs, increasing response timeliness, and accomidating changes in the business units.

For those who have been in-house for some time, you may have heard the familiar refrain "we tried that" already.  John Kotter provides a few suggestions for responding to that refrain and encourages us to "never get sucked into the black hole of " what happened before.  Read Kotter's blog at Getting Past the "But We Already Tried That" Response.

Perry Cone practices insurance, compliance and government law, and consults for in-house counsel, from the Tallahassee office of GrayRobinson. He writes from his perspective as a former general counsel, legal executive, and leader in the Florida insurance industry. Visit Perry's blog at

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